A breast reduction can be a very satisfying procedure both for patient and surgeon as the results are seen immediately and the patient’s symptoms are relived immediately. Many women suffer with neck and back pain due to excessive large and heavy breasts. Often times they are not aware that it is their breasts which are the source of the neck and back pain. They try many remedies such as physical therapy, chiropractics and acupuncture with minimal to no improvment. A breast reduction Beverly Hills surgery can be done in a few hours under general anesthesia and can completely change a woman’s life. They can wear different types of clothing and can increase their physical activity and participation in sports once their bra size is down to a more manageable size. In many cases, the procedure can be covered by health insurance. If you have any questions about this procedure or are experiencing neck or back pain from large breasts, please call our office at 310-461-3855 for more information or to schedule a consultation with Dr.Bruno. You can also visit our website www.WilliamBrunoMD.com for more information.

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Before breast reduction-Dr.William BrunoAfter breast reduction-Dr.William Bruno, Beverly Hills