Do I need to have a combination of both to acheive a lifted breast? Or if I do the breast reduction, will that give me a lift in my breasts?

A: Breast reduction and breast lift

A breast reduction, by design, will give you the benefits of a breast lift automatically. That is to say, with a breast reduction not only will your breasts be smaller, but the breast tissue will be elevated, the nipple position will be elevated and the overall shape will be “perkier”. You may even be able to go without a bra for certain outfits or for certain occasions.

A breast lift (mastopexy) will elevate your breast tissue and nipple position, but does not necessarily make your breasts smaller-like a breast reduction does. Although the patterns or skin incisions (scars) may be similar, the amount of tissue that is removed usually differentiates the two procedures.

Some breast reductions are covered by insurance, whereas breast lifts generally are not covered by insurance and are considered cosmetic in nature.

Please consult a board certified plastic surgeon if you are considering either a breast reduction or a breast lift.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno