I am 34DDDD/F, I like the size and shape of my breast, but want them lifted as they have dropped. I don’t want Breast implants, because I don’t want to be bigger and according to some of the research I have done. A Breast Lift will reduce and lift, and I don’t want to reduce the size. What options are out there for someone like me?

A: Breast Lift

You can have a breast lift or mastopexy without necessarily decreasing the size of your breasts significiantly. Some tissue does need to be removed, but this can be done in such a way as to maintain your current bra size. Several different patterns are available such as a circumvertical incision (lollipop incision) and wise pattern (anchor incision). The choice for you depends on the quality of your skin, nipple position and the composition of your breasts (tissue vs. fat)

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who has a clear understanding of your goals regarding a breast lift with minimal tissue removal.