I only had breast implants for 5 weeks. I had them explanted after this time. The implants were 400 cc. A thin capsule was left inside. I am considering now breast implants again due to a very bad outcome from my explant. I now want implants not more than 170-200 cc. Would it be possible, since the pocket was created for 400cc originally? Shall my capsule be removed? What shall I consider before having augmentation again? What are possible complications due to the fact I had explanted before?

A: Breast implant removal or replacement

If you previously had 400cc implants removed, I would suggest waiting 6 months to one year prior to replacing with 200cc implants. This amount of time will allow for skin contraction/shrinkage and allow for improved blood supply to the breast tissue and skin. Any scar tissue that may be present will soften up in that time period. If the capsule is thin, it doesn’t necessarily need to be removed. You are at slightly higher risk of wound healing complications, but the longer you wait, the better your chances of a good result will be.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon prior to your implant replacement.