I want larger breasts but I’m afraid that the scars will be obvious when I wear a swimsuit. Where and how big would the scars be if I got breast implants?

A: scars for breast augmentation

All incisions from breast augmentation will leave a scar, however, these scars are usually well hidden and heal nicely.  The areolar incision is located on the lower border of the areola, which makes it easy to conceal on the natural border of the transition between lighter and darker skin.  Also, the skin of the areola is so thin that it heals very well in general, in patients of all races/ethnicities.

The scar in the inframammary crease or fold beneath the breast may be slightly darker than the areolar incision however it is easy to hide within the fold of the breast, provided the patient has a well defined crease.

Armpit (axillary) incisions usually heal well, however if they do not, they can be quite noticeable in certain clothing.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options for breast augmentation incisions in greater detail.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno