I have a consultation in a couple of weeks for Saline breast implants but I recently read an article which said that most women with implants will develop some type of rippling. Is this true? Will this happen right away? I would rather not have implants at all if there is a good chance of rippling. I am a size B now and will be going to a full B/small C. I would rather do Silicone for the feel, but am scared to. Thank you.

A: Breast implants and rippling

Rippling refers to the visible edges of a breast implant that can be seen through the skin; and sometimes felt through the skin. This usually occurs on the outer/side region of the breast and is more commonly seen in saline implants compared to silicone implants. Also, women who are especially thin with little breast tissue are more prone to the rippling or wrinkling phenomenon.

If you have rippling with saline implants, you can have them exchanged for silicone implants which may minimize or eliminate the wrinkling.

If that does not completely cure the problem, there are some skin substitutes which can be sewn on the inside of the breast pocket to further conceal the implant edges and eliminate the rippling or wrinkling.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for more information regarding this topic.

Best wishes.