One of the most common questions patients ask during a breast augmentation consultation has to do with selecting the right size breast implant. Although patients look at many photos online and in before and after books, they just can’t seem to visualize how they may look. Patients can also try on the various sizes breast implants in a bra which gives them some idea, but still, it isn’t quite accurate.
The most accurate method I have found to select breast implant size is by way of 3D imaging, which I have been doing for almost two years now with great success. I perform this during my consultations and it only takes about three minutes to complete. Basically, a photo is taken of the patient by a very high resolution camera with special mirrors. Then, a specialized software calculates what a patient will look with 300cc implants or 400cc implants for example. The patient can actually see on their own body, what the implants will look like. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of which breast implant to choose. If you’re interested in a free demonstration of this technology, feel free to visit our Beverly Hills office for a breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Bruno. For more information on this device please visit our website at or call 310-461-3855.