When we are dissatisfied with the appearance of our buttocks, it can lead to feelings of discomfort and insecurity, causing us to avoid certain social situations and clothing styles. In recent years, The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) has become an increasingly popular choice for those seeking to enhance their buttock area and boost their self-confidence. There are several compelling reasons why a Brazilian Butt Lift is worth considering over other treatment options.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports BBLs are the fastest-growing augmentation procedure over recent years, with an increase of over 90% from 2015 to 2019. If you are considering the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, here are some of the advantages of a BBL over other buttock-enhancing procedures.

Plastic Surgery Options for Buttocks Enhancement

There are three types of buttock enhancement surgeries that aim to achieve an individual’s desired shape and appearance: fat grafting into the buttocks tissue, silicon implants inserted in the buttocks tissue, and a combination of both. While each of these procedures has benefits, the Brazilian Butt Lift offers unique aesthetic benefits other procedures do not.

Less Risk of Complications or Rejection

BBLs are exclusively done with fat grafting. Fat tissue is extracted from one area of your body and transferred to your buttocks to ensure a natural-looking result and a more balanced overall physique. By utilizing your body’s own fat, there is minimal risk of rejection or complications, as the tissue is biocompatible.

Additionally, while silicone implants are proven to be safe, some clients may experience discomfort or irritation after implantation.

BBL Results Last Longer

Butt augmentation procedures using silicone implants may need to be replaced approximately every 10 years to retain your preferred shape. Brazilian Butt Lifts, however, use fat tissues from your own body which then become a natural part of your body. This makes them more long-lasting, as long as you maintain a stable weight and follow your doctor’s post-operative instructions.

Bonus Benefits: Body Contouring and Slimming

One significant advantage of BBLs is the additional changes that are provided by the procedure. Since the BBL removes fat from targeted areas of your body, you and your surgeon can discuss and determine where the fat will be harvested from for your BBL surgery, which will slim down those areas. This provides a comprehensive opportunity to not only enhance the buttocks but create a more sculpted and complementary silhouette for an overall body transformation.

Is a Brazilian Butt Lift Ideal for You?

When it comes to reshaping your buttocks, Brazilian Butt Lifts stand out as a preferred plastic surgery option. With their unique ability to use your body’s own fat tissue, BBLs offer safer and longer-lasting results compared to silicone implants. The opportunity for body contouring and slimming adds an extra layer of appeal and is an extra benefit over other options. If you’d like to find out if the BBL is ideal for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Bruno to ask any questions you have about the procedure.