I’m having second thoughts about having a full tummy tuck. I’m wondering, can I have the incision to tighten my stomach muscles and just cut the lower belly skin without necessarily pulling my rib cage skin down and moving my belly button?

A: Tummy Tuck

I agree with Samir above.

If you are a candidate for a “full” tummy tuck, then that is the procedure you should undergo. The reason for this is that there isn’t much of a difference in the final scar between a “mini” tummy tuck and a “full” tummy tuck, maybe an inch or two on each side. However the benefits of the full tummy tuck contour far outweigh this minor extension in the scar; you will have a tighter/flatter abdominal wall and contour.

It is rare to see patients who are true candidates for a “mini” tummy tuck.

You would need to be evaluated to determine the best procedure for you.