Hello, I was considering having a rhinoplasty procedure, but had some questions concerning it. I have read up on this for almost a year, but this question tends to stir up the most controversy: Would it be good for me to bring pictures in of desired noses? Second, I am a male with a very long nose, so would I be able to make my nose smaller and more defined; rather than long, and “chubby.” The reason I ask this second question is because most of the before and after photos that I have seen of people with long noses has not demonstrated much difference in them. Meaning it seems as if the surgeon only made slight decreases in his/her nose. Why is this?

A: Rhinoplasty pre-surgery photos

It is helpful to bring in some photos of noses that you like during a rhinoplasty consultation. This can give the plastic surgeon a better idea of the shape you are interested in having. Keep in mind however that these photos can never be perfectly duplicated on your nose, but only serve as a guide to achieving your goal. Computer imaging is also helpful in this regard. Everyone has differences in skin thickness, bone thickness and cartilage shape, which makes even computer imaging an imperfect means of predicting your final outcome. Review as many photos as needed to ensure your surgeon and yourself have the same goals.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno