After having six children, I had Tummy Tuck on 2/23. Now when I bend over, my tummy hangs. I also have loose skin below belly button. While standing, I am flat, but I can still suck it in more. I really like the sucked in look. I feel like maybe my muscle repair was pulled as tight. Will a second Tummy Tuck or just Liposuction will correct the problem?

A: Tummy Tuck revision

If you still have loose skin below your belly button after a tummy tuck, you may require a revision. I would not recommend any surgery until one year has passed since your original surgery due to reasons of blood supply to the skin and tissue.

Whether you require further tightening of the abdominal muscles, is something a board certified plastic surgeon would be able to tell you after a thorough examination.

Be patient for now and try to maintain your weight.