I have had two kids and I would like to get my boobs back to the way they were, but I don’t want them to be smaller.

A: breast lift and size

Most women will experience changes in both the size and shape of their breasts after pregnancy. If you are content with your size or volume but would like improvement in the shape, you may just need a lift. This is usually the case if you like the way you look in a bra-meaning you are happy with your size. However, if you feel your breasts have decreased in size and also are a bit saggy, then you may need a lift plus a breast implant at the same time to give the best result. Occasionally an implant alone can deliver both increased size as well as “fill out” the loose skin.

A board certified plastic surgeon will be able to assess your skin and nipple position and formulate a surgical plan that’s best for you.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno