While every mother in Beverly Hills will share similar great experiences about being a mother, one common theme among them is they wish they had their pre-pregnancy body back. Pregnancy can change people’s bodies in different ways and getting the body back to normal afterward is easier for some than others. With a mommy makeover, mothers can quickly and easily get their bodies back into the shape they desire with a combination of procedures performed by Dr. Bruno. The biggest question is how quickly following a pregnancy can the mommy makeover occur? The answer varies widely, but here are a few factors to consider that can help patients make the best decision.

Timing of a Mommy Makeover Varies Among Patients

In general, women should wait until at least six months after giving birth before getting a mommy makeover. We understand patients want to get back to feeling confident with their bodies right away, but the human body needs this amount of time to rest after going through a pregnancy. And for Beverly Hills patients who breastfeed their children, waiting an additional six months after concluding breastfeeding is ideal, since the breasts can change afterward.

Consider Future Pregnancies

Another consideration for Beverly Hills women is whether they plan on having more children. Dr. Bruno will always act in the best interest of his patients and may sometimes suggest waiting until patients are done having children before proceeding with a mommy makeover. Getting a mommy makeover prior to another pregnancy can lead to the need for another mommy makeover after the next pregnancy. It’s safe to do so, but most women would like their results to last a long time.

Healthy Dieting and Exercising Make a Difference

Patients who have good diet and exercise habits typically can get their mommy makeover earlier than patients who don’t. The simple reason is because a mommy makeover isn’t designed to shed pounds quickly. Rather, its purpose is to bring the body back to its pre-pregnancy state and restore the person’s body shape. When women follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly following their pregnancy, they will be in a better position to have a mommy makeover as soon as the body recovers from the birthing process. Once their weight has stabilized, then it’s time to call Dr. Bruno to learn about mommy makeover options.

William Bruno Plastic Surgery works with mothers in Beverly Hills every day to help them restore their bodies. We completely understand the cosmetic and psychological benefits of getting a woman’s body back to normal following a pregnancy, and we want to help do so in the safest and most efficient manner possible. Dr. Bruno specializes in providing a mommy makeover to his patients and is widely known as one of the best plastic surgeons in the area and across the country.

When you’re ready to explore your options for a mommy makeover, don’t hesitate to call us for answers to your questions and to start the process of feeling and looking great.