If you are considering doing a fat transfer to buttocks, also called a Brazilian butt lift, you may be excited that the procedure combines a butt augmentation with liposuction of your problem areas. But you might be wondering, “Just how much of my fat do you need?” Or, you may already have a slim physique, and you are concerned that you do not have enough excess fat to make a fat transfer to buttocks procedure successful. Well, whatever your question is, you have come to the right place! Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Bruno has helped hundreds of patients with fat transfer to buttocks procedures, and he is here to help you, too.

How Many CC’s Are Injected During a Brazilian Butt Lift?

If you are wondering how many cc’s Dr. Bruno will need to inject per side, the answer is, unfortunately, ambiguous. It all depends on your unique body and butt shaping needs, which is why Dr. Bruno creates a custom treatment plan for all of his patients. Dr. Bruno has injected anywhere from 200 ccs to 800 ccs per side into his Beverly Hills patients. But he cannot honestly say that the patients who got the most volume received the best results.

How Does Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Work?

To understand why higher fat volume does not necessarily guarantee the best results, you need to know how the surgery works. When fat is liposuctioned out of your problem areas, such as your abdomen, love handles, and thighs, it is gently strained and then prepared for injection. But after the fat is injected, about 30% to 40% of it atrophies or shrinks. So the answer to the question “How much volume do you need?” isn’t so much about how much fat you need to transfer into your buttocks as much as it is about how much of that fat are you going to retain ultimately.

The good news is, as a Beverly Hills fat transfer to buttocks patient, you do have a lot of control over how much of the injected fat remains in your new, more sculpted butt. If you follow Dr. Bruno’s post-op instructions carefully, you could retain as much as 70% of the fat that was injected into your gluteal muscles.

What Can I Do Post-Surgery To Achieve The Best Butt Lift Results?

The number one thing you can do to make sure you retain your injected fat is not to sit or lie down on your bottom for the first two weeks following your fat transfer to buttocks procedure. I know what you’re thinking – “How can I go two weeks without sitting down?!” Well, it is possible. By using pillows underneath your thighs to modify your seated position, to sitting on your side and lying on your side or your stomach instead of you back and butt, you can keep unnecessary pressure off your healing bottom.

The second thing you can do to guarantee lasting results is to avoid any exercise for two months following your procedure. Fat-burning exercises like cardio can burn up the newly injected fat in your bottom. You do not want to work off that curvy new booty that you have finally obtained, do you?

Finally, it is important that your weight has stabilized before you undergo a fat to buttocks transfer. Gaining or losing a significant amount of weight after a Brazilian butt lift can alter your results, and you do not want to lose your more curvaceous behind.

Get Amazing Butt Lift Results with Dr. Bruno in Beverly Hills

If you are ready to get that voluptuous butt you have always dreamed of, there is no better time than today to get the process started. Call our Beverly Hills office to schedule a free consultation today!