All of the breast-lifts I have seen on websites show that the women have huge, long scars afterward. I want a breast lift but I don’t want huge scars! Is there any way to get the lift with some other incision that won’t run all the way from my areola to my breast fold? Are there alternatives like some sort of mini breast lift?

A: Breast lifts and scars

It is not possible to perform a good, long-lasting breast lift (mastopexy) without leaving some form of scar. The more minimal breast lifts that involve just a circular incision around the areola often times give only a minimal result and can sometimes distort or flatten the breast shape. For a more involved breast lift, you may require an incision from the areola down to the breast crease, this is referred to as a lollipop incision (vertical mastopexy).

The scar is more involved however it gives a much better shape and overall breast contour. The breast skin is thin and usually heals quite well. For an even more advanced type of lift, you may need an “anchor-type” scar which does involve the lollipop scar plus a horizontal incision in the breast crease. The horizontal portion of that scar typically does not heal as well as the rest of the scar because the skin there is thicker in quality.

If you want a better overall breast shape, you must be willing to accept a scar.

Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine which type of breast lift is best for your particular anatomy.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno