You don’t have to look too far to see that buttock augmentation is becoming very popular. Many people have heard of the Brazilian butt lift, but don’t necessarily know anything about the procedure. The truth is, the procedure will not only reshape your buttocks but can also transform the appearance of your entire lower back region and hips, creating an overall appearance you will be happy with. The Brazilian butt lift is the most favorable butt augmentation procedure for patients looking to make a change to their bottom. Here are some reasons why.


Reshape Your Buttocks With Your Own Fat

The difference between a Brazilian butt lift and butt implants comes down to what type of material is used. With a Brazilian butt lift, doctors will transfer fat from other areas of your body through liposuction and transfer the fat into your buttocks. This transfer of fat creates a more natural appearance when compared to butt implants, which your body may reject as foreign. The risk of complications associated with a Brazilian butt lift are extremely minimal.

When the fat cells from your body are transferred to the buttocks, the fat cells are preserved, so they continue to function as they did in their original location. This is the most natural way to reshape your buttocks, and there are very few risks.

Immediate Results With Long-Term Stability

A Brazilian butt lift will create immediate results as soon as you walk out of the doctor’s office. However, the results may be exaggerated initially, since you will likely experience some initial swelling in the region. Because you’re using your own fat, your body won’t have to make many adjustments, other than creating a new blood supply to the newly located fat cells.

It’s estimated that patients will retain roughly 70% of the transferred fat from a Brazilian butt lift. The other 30% is lost due to the fat cells burning off when adjusting to the new location in the body. The reshaping of your buttocks should last many years, as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle designed around preserving the fat cells as much as possible.

How to Help Maintain Shape

Once the Brazilian butt lift procedure is completed, it’s up to you to maintain the shape of your butt. The fat cells in your buttocks will act just like any other fat cells in your body, so if you gain weight, your butt will look larger. If you lose weight, you’ll lose some of the fat used in the procedure. Maintaining the shape of your butt comes down to choosing the right diet and exercise regimen, and understanding the effect that regimen can have on your Brazilian butt lift.

At William Bruno Plastic Surgery, performing Brazilian butt lifts for our Hollywood patients is a common procedure. Dr. Bruno uses specialized techniques to ensure that more fat remains in your buttocks, so you achieve your desired results.

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