Hello Doctors! I have a question about buttock implants and augmentation. I am a plus-size woman (5’7” 200 lb) who is not interested in losing weight. I would just like rounder larger buttocks. I love my thick figure, but my butt is a little too flat. What is your feeling about this? Would any of you help a Diva out? Thanks in advance!

A: Fat transfer for buttock augmentation

Based on your height and weight, you would likely be a good candidate for buttock augmentation via fat transfer. The fat could be taken from your abdomen, lower back, sides, and possibly thighs. The fat is then treated with antibiotics and carefully injected into the area of your buttock which needs more fullness. This would give you a much better and more natural result than gluteal silicone implants, which are reserved for very thin patients who do not have much fat to donate to the buttock area.

Please consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in fat transfer to the buttock prior to scheduling this procedure. Your surgeon will be able to outline how your surgery can be performed to promote your safety and comfort.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno