Many women who experience pregnancy and childbirth are left with stretch marks and loose abdominal skin. A tummy tuck in Beverly Hills with Dr.Bruno can remove most of your unwanted skin and re-contour your torso. The surgery itself is performed under general anesthesia, and takes about 2-3 hours. Almost all patients return home the same day as a tummy tuck and take about one week off from work. Some patients may need a few weeks off from work if their job requires heavy lifting or strenuous activity. Patients are instructed to avoid lifting more than about 25-30 pounds for the first four weeks. A compressive garment is worn (similar to a girdle) for four weeks. The recovery is similar to that of a C-section however it is not as painful because the surgery does not involve cutting any muscles. The abdominal muscles are simply tightened; which is important to regain the flat appearing abdomen that was present pre-pregnancy.
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