There are two basic ways to enhance the size and shape of your buttock- fat transfer or gluteal implants. A fat transfer involves performing liposuction of several areas of the body then re-injecting the fat into the desired areas (buttock/hips). This is also know as a Brazilian buttock lift. This method allows the surgeon to sculpt the entire torso and buttock region. A silicone gluteal implant is a firm device which is typically inserted under the gluteal muscle to increase the buttock size. This method is preferred in patients who are thin and do not have enough fat to perform a buttock augmentation by way of fat transfer. A Beverly Hills Brazilian buttock lift may be a more natural way to enhance your lower back, hip and gluteal region compared to implants alone. Please feel free to visit our website for more information and to view videos on this topic at or call 310-461-3855 to schedule an appointment with Dr.Bruno.