Patients often ask me “which is the best type of breast lift?”. This is a difficult question to answer and depends a lot on each patient’s individual anatomy. Patients always want the least amount of scarring, however, this may not necessarily deliver the best breast shape. Unfortunately, in order to create the ideal breast contour and long lasting result, patients may need a lollipop incision (vertical lift) or an anchor scar (wise pattern lift). The scars on the breast generally heal quite well after a few months, however this depends on the thickness and skin tone of each individual patient.  Silicone gel and silicone tape can improve the appearance of a scar and accelerate the healing process.

Patient’s will also ask if they should have a breast lift if they are planning to have more children. Generally speaking, you can have a breast lift anytime, but remember, your breasts may change in shape and size with pregnancy. If you want to reduce you chances of needing a revision in the future, you can hold off on the breast lift surgery until you are completely finished having children.

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