Fat transfer to the buttock/gluteal area is a great way to enhance and reshape your buttock. It can actually do more than just increase the size of your buttock, this surgery can define your waistline and create an hourglass figure by resculpting the hips as well. The procedure involves liposuction to redistribute fat from unwanted areas (lower back, thighs, abdomen) to desired areas where it is needed (buttocks, hips). This is commonly referred to as a Brazilian buttock lift. The best candidates for this type of surgery are healthy patients who are slightly overweight. Some fat is needed in order to have a good result because a certain percentage of the fat cells will shrink after surgery. Thin patients are not very good candidates for this procedure and may need to gain weight before surgery. I have a video available on my website and on my youtube page (williambrunomd) if you would like to see how the procedure is performed. Please call our office with any questions at 310-461-3855 or use our online form.

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Dr. William Bruno

Brazilian buttock lift patient of William Bruno, MD