I am 5’5″ and 145 lbs. I have one child. I would really like to be nice D Cup. I am curently a full B Cup. I am getting saline. But I’m just not really sure how many cc’s I should go and how much to over fill them.

Also, would me wanting to loose 10lbs change the cc’s any? Or should I lose the weight first then get the sugery? Below is a picture of them now. Hope it helps.

William Bruno, MD answers: Any idea on how much cc of Breast Implant is appropriate for me?

A: Breast Implant size to go from B cup to D cup

First of all I would recommend getting down to your goal body weight prior to breast augmentation. Since you are planning on losing 10 pounds, you should lose that first as it may affect your breast size/volume. The number of cc’s can vary from person to person based on skin elasticity and chest wall shape. I would use a temporary implant during the surgery (called a sizer) to help determine which size is best for you. The number of cc’s may be in the range of 375 to 450, but this is highly variable. Don’t be too concerned with the amount of cc’s, but rather the final shape/size. Your surgeon should have several different implant sizes available to accommodate your desire.

Please have your board certified plastic surgeon show you many different implant sizes and try them on in a bra before committing to an implant size.

Best wishes,

Dr. Bruno