I am due to get a breast reduction in a short while, I am just waiting for my insurance company’s approval, which my doctor said will not be a problem due to the size of my breasts.

My concern is that right now my breasts are very full and I love that part about them… Is there a way that they can be reduced to a smaller size and remain full?

William Bruno, MD answers: After breast reduction will my breasts remain full?

A: Full breasts after breast reduction

If you have dense, firm breast tissue, then your breasts should remain “full” after the breast reduction surgery provided you don’t remove too much tissue. If you are having symptoms such as neck/back pain, then you will need a certain amount of tissue removed in order for the surgery to alleviate your symptoms. The “fullness” of your breasts has more to do with your age, skin tone and breast tissue composition (younger patients usually have more dense breast tissue and less soft, fatty tissue).

Discuss the final size you would like to be in further detail with your surgeon prior to your breast reduction.