Many patients who have had children are concerned about regaining their pre-pregnancy figures. A mommy makeover is the term for a breast procedure and an abdominal procedure which are typically performed at the same time. The breast procedure involves an implant and occasionally a lift while the abdominal portion consists of a tummy tuck with some liposuction of the love handle area. The surgery can take from 3-5 hours depending upon which specific procedures are done. Patients need to be in good health prior to undergoing this combination of procedures. The recovery is about one to two weeks off from work with no heavy lifting for about 4-6 weeks. A woman’s overall shape can really be dramatically altered by a Beverly Hills mommy makeover. It is highly recommended to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon such as Dr.Bruno prior to your surgery to determine if you are a good candidate. Call 310.461.3855 to schedule a consultation for more information.