Just finished another Brazilian buttock lift procedure today. This patient was 5 ft 8 in and weighed about 150 lbs. She had a square-shaped buttock with some excess fat of the lower abdomen and flank area (love handles). She also had some excess fat in the outer thigh area and inner thigh region which she desired improvement. I did liposuction of these areas and re-injected the pure fat back into the buttock and hip area. I injected about 420cc per side. It’s important to avoid sitting on the buttock for about two weeks after brazilian butt procedure. Approximately 60-70% of the fat will survive over time and become permanent. This procedure can completely reshape a patient’s entire lower back, waist, and buttock area. For more information call our Beverly Hills office at 310-461-3855 .

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Brazilian buttock lift patient of Dr.Bruno (420cc per side)