More and more women in California are choosing to have a mommy makeover every year! And why not? Combination plastic surgeries like this are safe and very effective at providing women with the body they want, quickly.

In fact, the mommy makeover procedure performed by Dr. Bruno has many benefits, including:

1. It Saves Money

A mommy makeover with Dr. Bruno in Beverly Hills saves his patients money. You will only have to pay hospital and outside specialist fees one time! That can mean a savings of thousands of dollars!

2. It Saves Time

Saving money is a huge benefit of a mommy makeover, but saving time is as well. Moms are some of the busiest people in the world and knowing that you can get the silhouette you want in one surgical event means that you will only have to recover once, which saves you time!

3. It Streamlines the Recovery Process

Not only does a mommy makeover save moms time and money, but it also streamlines their recovery process. This means that you’ll only have to take time off of work and your normal daily activities once. You’ll also only have to ask for help one time, and that can be a benefit in itself for many moms who find it hard to ask for help.

4. It Allows Moms to Regain Their Pre-Pregnancy Bodies in One Surgical Event

After pregnancy, a mom’s body is often not recognizable, which can be very discouraging. If you’re longing to have your pre-pregnancy body back quickly, choose a mommy makeover with Dr. Bruno in Beverly Hills!

5. It Provides Women With More a More Dramatic Change

A combination surgery, like a mommy makeover from Dr. Bruno, provides women in Beverly Hills with a lot of change at one time. If you want to make a statement and have your breasts augmented, your tummy tucked, and extra fatty deposits disposed of through liposuction, let Dr. Bruno work his magic during a mommy makeover.

6. It Gives Moms a Trimmer Tummy and More Cleavage at the Same Time

When you choose to have a mommy makeover with Beverly Hills’ top plastic surgeon, Dr. Bruno, you can get a flat tummy and increase the size of your breasts at the same time! If you’re suffering from a permanent pooch and excess skin around your abdomen, and your breasts are deflated and sagging to the point where you don’t even recognize them anymore, Dr. Bruno can perform a tummy tuck and a breast enhancement during your mommy makeover.

7. A Mommy Makeover Improves a Woman’s Self-Esteem

While this may be listed last, it is certainly not the least of the benefits you can gain from a mommy makeover from Dr. Bruno. Combining all the cosmetic procedures you want into one surgical event gives you the body you want all at one time. And when you have a body you can be proud of your self-confidence is automatically boosted.

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Now that you know how much you (and your family) can benefit from this combination surgery, why wait?

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