It goes without saying that the number one reason Hollywood men and women choose tummy tuck from Dr. Bruno is to achieve a flat, smooth stomach. If you’ve had one or more pregnancies, lost a significant amount of weight, or you’re just experiencing the effects of aging on your skin, you might be considering a tummy tuck procedure to restore your youthful midsection.

While a tummy tuck does give men and women a flatter stomach, it actually does so much more. Keep reading to learn about 6 imperfections Dr. Bruno can address through a tummy tuck.

1. A Tummy Tuck Can Correct Diastasis Recti

This is one of the biggest imperfections Dr. Bruno can correct through a tummy tuck procedure. Diastasis recti are separated abdominal muscles, which is a common result of pregnancy. If you have a pooch that just won’t go away no matter how often you hit your Hollywood gym, it could be because your abdominal muscles are separated.

When Dr. Bruno performs a tummy tuck, he is able to strategically stitch your abdominal muscles back together to give you a truly flat stomach.

2. A Tummy Tuck Can Get Rid of Stretch Marks

While a tummy tuck cannot get rid of all stretch marks on your abdomen, if you suffer from stretch marks on the lower portion of your tummy – near where your incision will be placed – those stretch marks will be excised when Dr. Bruno removes extra skin from your abdomen.

3. A Tummy Tuck Can Reposition Your Stretched Belly Button

Many women who have excess skin on their abdomens, or separated abdominal muscles, often have belly buttons that have been stretched out during pregnancy or after extreme weight loss.

When Dr. Bruno performs your tummy tuck procedure, he will be able to reposition and reshape your belly button to a more natural position on your abdomen.

4. A Tummy Tuck Can Get Rid of Extra Skin on Your Abdomen

After pregnancy or significant weight loss, many women experience skin that hangs from their abdomen instead of snapping back into place. This extra skin on your abdomen isn’t something that can be exercised away.

Through a tummy tuck procedure, Dr. Bruno can get rid of the extra skin on your abdomen and give you a nice, smooth tummy that you can proudly show off at the beach or pool this summer!

5. A Tummy Tuck Can Decrease Your Back Pain

Many women in Hollywood deal with back pain as a result of weakened abdominal muscles after pregnancy or weight loss. When the abdominal muscles are weak, the core is weak. And when the core is weak, back pain occurs.

By performing a tummy tuck in his Hollywood clinic, Dr. Bruno can alleviate your back pain by tightening your separated abdominal muscles.

6. A Tummy Tuck Can Increase Your Self-Esteem

While this may not be a physical imperfection, it is a reality that a flabby tummy can do a number on one’s self-esteem. After pregnancy or extreme weight loss, the last thing you want is to keep looking in the mirror with dissatisfaction.

Dr. Bruno can perform a tummy tuck to get you the tummy you’ve been dreaming of and restore your self-confidence.

Choose Dr. Bruno In Hollywood For Your Tummy Tuck

If you’re ready to get rid of those imperfections in your midsection, ask Dr. Bruno today to schedule your tummy tuck consultation. Make sure to visit our before and after photo gallery as well to see the results of Dr. Bruno’s own patients.