Most Beverly Hills women seeking a butt augmentation from Dr. Bruno are doing so to boost their self-confidence. For whatever reason, they feel the look of their behind just isn’t right for their body. Here are four ways that butt augmentation can help give you that much-needed boost in your self-confidence. 

 1. Butt Augmentation Can Make You Feel More Comfortable in Your Clothes

Many Beverly Hills women who want to have a butt augmentation desire the surgery because they just don’t feel comfortable in their clothing, especially those ever-so-popular tight skinny jeans. Maybe their jeans are loose in the rear end. Or perhaps they just don’t have the curves they want. Whatever your motivator, if you want to feel more confident in your clothing, a butt augmentation by Dr. Bruno can help you achieve those goals.

 2. Butt Augmentation Surgery Can Give You the Hourglass Silhouette You’ve Always Desired

It seems as though pop culture and the media have always told women that the best silhouette is one shaped like an hourglass. Some women have the measurements they desire in their bust and waistline, but not their rear ends. If you communicate your surgical goal of having an hourglass figure to Dr. Bruno, he can strategically inject your harvested fat to give you your desired silhouette

 3. Butt Augmentation Can Add Curves to Flat Buttocks

If your buttocks are flat, butt augmentation surgery can plump them up. If you’ve always disliked your flat rear end, then butt augmentation can get you the curves you’ve always desired.

 4. Butt Augmentation Can Make You Feel More Attractive

Because so many Beverly Hills women associate an aesthetically pleasing body with curves, those who lack them may feel less attractive. Getting butt augmentation surgery (and perhaps even adding in breast augmentation) can give you the curves you’ve always wanted and help you feel more proportionate.

Your Butt Augmentation Experience with Dr. Bruno

Beverly Hills women looking to boost their self-confidence with a butt augmentation procedure should rest assured that they’ll be in great hands if they choose Dr. Bruno as their plastic surgeon. From your very first appointment to your final post-operative check-up, you’ll be treated with respect, concern, discretion and a caring heart.

When you first come into Dr. Bruno’s Beverly Hills practice for butt augmentation, he’ll ask you questions so he can understand your problem areas and surgical goals. Knowing this information will help Dr. Bruno best prepare a personalized treatment plan for you.

In addition to understanding your goals, Dr. Bruno will ask you a series of medical questions to ensure that you’re an ideal candidate for a butt augmentation procedure. Typically, he will accept you as a patient if:

  • You’re in good general health and can pass a pre-operative appointment from your general practitioner
  • You’ve listened to Dr. Bruno explain the procedure to you and have communicated back to him that you understand it
  • You’re a non-smoker, or promise to quit smoking at least 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your butt augmentation as smoking or using other nicotine products can negatively impact your surgery, recovery process and your results
  • You have realistic expectations for your procedure
  • You’re in good psychological health

Contact Dr. Bruno to Discuss Butt Augmentation Today

If you’re a woman interested in butt augmentation, the best thing you can do is speak face to face with Dr. Bruno about the procedure.

To schedule your initial consultation with him, call his office.