Whether you’ve already decided to get breast implants, or if you’re still considering it, there are obviously many things to think about. Many women make the mistake of only thinking about the final result and how other people will perceive them afterward. However, it’s important to keep the many different physical considerations in mind, whether it’s the incision location, implant size, implant shape, or how well you may recover from the procedure. Here are the top four physical considerations you should consider before getting breast implants.

Choose The Right Size

Your breast implants should be the size you desire, not what you think other people want. Think about the different size options available when you’re preparing to get your breast implants and imagine what they might look like on your body. And while the decision is yours to make, it never hurts to bring along your spouse, a close friend, or a family member for support, since they have your best interests in mind.

Consider The Incision Location

You may not know much about the actual procedure of getting breast implants, but it’s important to consider the incision location. Depending on the incision type you choose, there are pros and cons about where the incision is located and how visible the scar will be afterward. It’s important to check with your doctor to learn more about the available options, which will depend on your body type and the results you desire.

Think Proportional

Many women in Beverly Hills get breast implants because their natural breasts aren’t symmetrical. One may be larger than the other, for example, or the two breasts may have slightly different shapes. Along those same lines, you also need to make sure your breast implants are proportional to the rest of your body. A small and petite woman shouldn’t think about increasing to a DD breast size. Women are generally happier with the results of their breast implants if the size is proportional to their body.

Keep Recovery in Mind

Everyone recovers differently following a surgical procedure. The most important consideration is carefully following the instructions provided by your doctor. He will give you recovery options based on your body type and the results of your procedure, so be sure to follow them closely. If you don’t follow the proper recovery steps, you may end up damaging your body and suffering from unnecessary pain.

William Bruno Plastic Surgery is here to help you with all the physical considerations you need to keep in mind before getting breast implants. Only you know what will make you feel great, but we are here to help guide you on the right path.

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