You’ve likely found this blog because you’re a Beverly Hills woman who is interested in getting a butt lift, and you’ve been doing a little Internet research. Well, don’t let “Dr. Google” scare you. The truth is, anytime you research a medical procedure such as plastic surgery on the Internet, you’re going to run into some false information including myths and misconceptions. Well, Dr. Bruno is here to set the record straight. Here are 4 common myths and misconceptions about butt lifts, and the truth behind the rumors.

 1. If You Don’t Have Enough Fat of Your Own, You Can Use Donor Fat for Your Surgery

Similar to the myth above, some Beverly Hills women falsely think if they don’t have enough fat for a butt lift, they can use donor fat instead. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way. Your body is very intelligent and can distinguish between your own fat and someone else’s fat. When your own fat is injected into your buttocks, your bottom’s existing blood vessels literally reach out to the injected fat to provide it with a new blood supply. But if donor fat is injected into your bottom, your immune system goes into overdrive to kill the foreign object. That’s why donor fat is never used for a butt lift procedure. Most women who consult with Dr. Bruno have enough fat located somewhere on their body to be used for a butt lift. And on the rare occasion that you don’t have enough fat to harvest, there’s always the possibility of getting butt implants to give you the curves you desire.

 2. The Post-Operative Instructions Are Impossible to Follow

For the first 2 weeks after a butt lift, you can’t sit on your bottom, lie on your back, or in any way put pressure on your bottom. This is because you don’t want to inadvertently kill the transferred fat cells as they are working to develop a new blood supply so they can live and thrive. Some Beverly Hills women think these post-operative instructions are impossible to follow. However, thousands of American women prove them wrong every year. You can refrain from putting pressure on your bottom for 2 weeks by lying on your stomach or side, or propping up your thighs with pillows to mimic the seated position without putting pressure on your buttocks.

 3. You May Exercise Away Your Butt Lift Results

Many Beverly Hills women who want a butt lift live active lifestyles and have heard that their fat-burning exercise regime means they’ll exercise away their butt lift results. While it’s true that you can initially burn off the transferred fat cells (which is why Dr. Bruno tells all his butt lift patients to refrain from strenuous exercise for 8 weeks) this isn’t a long-term problem to worry about.

 4. A Butt Lift Won’t Last Forever

When you decide to get plastic surgery, you want to know that your results will be long-lasting. One common myth is that a butt lift won’t last forever, and you’ll need repeated procedures to maintain your results. This isn’t true. If you’ve maintained a stable weight for quite some time and don’t have any plans to lose a significant amount of weight in the future, you are often considered a qualified candidate for a butt lift, which can have long-lasting results*.

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