Hollywood Mommy MakeoverThere’s no one who deserves to look and feel their best more than our mothers. Pregnancy takes a huge toll on their bodies. Plus, the dramatic changes that happen during pregnancy are often permanent. There are some things that strict dieting and extensive exercise just can’t fix. Which is why many moms are turning to the Mommy Makeover. Hollywood moms that want to get their bodies back into pre-pregnancy shape can select from a variety of different cosmetic procedures that they can roll into one surgery. The results are nothing short of stunning. Just take a look at our photo gallery of Mommy Makeover patients to see the kind of beautiful transformations that Dr. Bruno is capable of delivering.

In this blog post, we want to look at 3 of the permanent changes that can happen to our moms’ bodies during pregnancy. We’ll also discuss how patients can fix those things with a mommy makeover. Hollywood moms who have been dreaming of getting your flat tummy and perky breasts back, call Dr. Bruno today at (310) 461-3855. We would love to talk with you about how we can help.

3 Permanent Changes Caused by Pregnancy

As the body begins to develop during pregnancy, there are 3 major changes that often are permanent. But the good news is that with a mommy makeover, Hollywood moms can restore their youthful, pre-pregnancy body.

  • Stretch marks – While the tummy is the usual location for stretch marks, many of our patients have them on their breasts as well. As the belly stretches to accommodate the growing womb, the skin may not be able to grow fast enough. When this happens, small tears in the skin will form scar tissue and cause stretch marks. Another permanent issue with the belly skin is after the pregnancy the excess skin may not go away. A tummy tuck is often part of the mommy makeover procedure. During a tummy tuck, Dr. Bruno is often able to remove that excess skin and the stretch marks along with it. Moms are left with a flat tummy free from stretch marks!
  • Sagging breasts – Milk production can cause the breasts to expand as they prepare for breastfeeding. But this will often leave the breasts flat and droopy after breastfeeding is done. For many moms, a combination of a breast lift and breast implant can lift the breasts back up to a more perky, youthful position and fill in the lost cleavage.
  • Thighs and hips – Another big change in a mom’s body has to do with fat storage. The body will often hold onto extra fat that it needs to make the rich milk for the baby. The most common places for moms to store fat are on their thighs and their hips. Even with dieting and exercise, these stubborn pockets of fat are often only able to be removed through liposuction, another common element of a mommy makeover.

Why Work with Dr. Bruno for Your Mommy Makeover

Hollywood is one of the most beautiful and glamorous places to live in the world. So you need to make sure that you get absolutely gorgeous results from your mommy makeover procedure. That’s exactly why patients love working with Dr. Bruno. As a board-certified plastic surgeon (and one of the most in-demand doctors in the region), our patients can expect to get premier service and head-turning, natural-looking results. But on top of that, our Hollywood patients love how friendly and kind Dr. Bruno is at all of their meetings. He listens to all of your concerns and works with you to find a treatment plan that meets your needs.

If you’re hoping to work with Dr. Bruno then make sure you call our offices today at (310) 461-3855. You can also read through some of our patient reviews to get a better idea of why they love working with Dr. Bruno.