The decision to have Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Bruno perform a butt augmentation surgery on you is a big one. There are so many things to consider! First, you’ve likely been contemplating the surgery for years, and are excited to finally be taking steps to get the rear end you desire. Second, (and we’re not going to lie here) the recovery process for a Brazilian butt lift isn’t exactly easy. Because you’ve had a fat transfer to buttocks, you won’t be able to sit on your bottom or lie on your back for the first two weeks after your surgery to protect those precious, harvested fat cells from dying. And finally, there’s just the regular logistics of planning for how you’re going to run your household and take care of your children, if you have any, during your recovery process.

Don’t worry. Recovering from a butt augmentation may sound difficult, but every year Dr. Bruno’s Beverly Hills patients do it with great success. It just takes some planning and preparation to make the recovery process as smooth as possible. Here is a list of 3 steps to take before a butt augmentation to speed up your recovery process after your surgery has taken place.

 1. Practice Your Resting Positions

As we’ve already mentioned above, the first two weeks of recovery after a butt augmentation surgery requires Beverly Hills women not to put any pressure at all on their buttocks. That means no sitting down and no lying on your back for two whole weeks. While doing so may seem like an overwhelming task, thousands of Americans who get butt augmentations every year have proven it’s doable. You just need to practice.

Before your surgery day, think about what positions you’ll be most comfortable to rest during the day, and to sleep in. This means you’ll need to take some time to practice standing up for long periods of time, lying on your stomach, lying on your side, and propping up your thighs with pillows so that you can “sit” without actually putting pressure on your buttocks. Trust us; practice makes perfect!

 2. Don’t Smoke or Use Any Nicotine Products at All

Smoking has so many negative consequences and risk factors for Beverly Hills butt augmentation patients, that Dr. Bruno won’t perform the procedure on smokers unless they commit to quitting all nicotine products (which includes “step down” cessation aids like nicotine gum) for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after their surgery. There are several reasons why Dr. Bruno has this strict policy.

First, smoking constricts blood vessels. And as you’re recovering from a butt augmentation surgery, you need your blood vessels to be as clear and wide as they can be. That’s because, during the recovery process of a fat transfer to buttocks, the blood vessels in your bottom will attempt to attach to the transferred fat, creating a new blood supply for them and allowing the transferred fat to live and thrive, thus giving you the feminine curves you want. Using nicotine immediately before and after a butt augmentation complicates this process and may make your butt augmentation unsuccessful.

Second, smoking causes the body to take more time to heal. When you’re recovering from plastic surgery, you want your body operating at full capacity. Finally, the use of nicotine products carries the risk of blood clots, which can be fatal. Dr. Bruno cares so much about your health that he doesn’t want to put any of his potential Beverly Hills patients at risk for blood clot complications. 

 3. Plan and Prepare for Some Help Around the House

The last step you need to take to prepare for a faster Beverly Hills butt augmentation recovery is to set up some helping hands around the house. If you have small children to take care of, now’s the time to call grandma in for a visit or to arrange for a childcare provider to help you out. You may also want to consider temporarily hiring a house cleaner as you likely won’t be able to perform your regular household chores. Finally, freezer meals and your slow cooker will help ensure that your family gets fed without too much effort from you as you’re recovering from surgery.

Call Us with Any Recovery Questions

If you have any additional questions regarding butt augmentation recovery, our team is happy to help answer your questions. We may even suggest that your next best step is to schedule a face to face initial consultation with Dr. Bruno himself to get the most detailed, medical information.

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