Patients in Beverly Hills who have decided to get breast augmentation have an exciting road ahead of them. They essentially have the opportunity to choose how their breasts look and can transform the entire appearance of their body as a result. However, making this decision is sometimes more difficult than patients think, especially when they can’t envision exactly what they will look like.

Dr. Bruno has a knack for helping patients in Beverly Hills choose the perfect implant type, size, shape and more. Choosing between saline or silicone implants is one decision, even though most of Dr. Bruno’s patients see the clear benefits of silicone implants after talking with him. Size is usually the main factor patients look at, but there are many more considerations to make. Dr. Bruno will discuss these factors with each of his patients, but here are some of the top considerations to make prior to getting a breast augmentation.

Shape of the Body

Every Beverly Hills woman has a different body shape, so the implants someone else got with their breast augmentation may look great on them, but not on everyone. Petite and lean women typically should select a smaller size since the implants would look more natural. Women who are muscular or have a curvy body type can usually look proportional with a larger implant size after their breast augmentation. Proportionality is the one key Dr. Bruno always looks for since women will appreciate the long-term results more.

Body Type

Following a breast augmentation, the same implants can look completely different on any given two Beverly Hills patients. That’s why Dr. Bruno looks closely at each patient’s body type to determine what type of implant would look best. Some patients want their breasts to look like their favorite celebrity’s breasts, but the reality is unless the patient has the exact body type as the celebrity, it’s very possible they will look disproportional. Patients with a smaller body type typically won’t be able to support a wide or large implant, so Dr. Bruno considers this and adjusts the size and width accordingly.


Another factor Dr. Bruno always considers is the age of his patient getting the breast augmentation. Older women sometimes have breast tissue that has diminished, and they may have developed thinner skin over time. The best result for their breast augmentation may be to get smaller implants to support the most natural-looking result. On the other hand, younger women have firmer and more resilient breast tissue and skin, which can support a larger implant. Of course, Dr. Bruno will always take proportionality into consideration when making a recommendation to his breast augmentation patients.

William Bruno Plastic Surgery is here to ensure every Beverly Hills breast augmentation patient achieves the results they desire. While Dr. Bruno has the ability to transform a patient’s body exactly how they desire, he also takes the time to explore all options to ensure the patient knows exactly how they will look and will be happy with the results now and for years to come.

When you’re ready to transform your body with a breast augmentation, contact us to set up a consultation with Dr. Bruno.