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Andrea’s Brazilian Butt Lift Journey

Andrea was looking for an improvement in her buttocks. After several cosmetic procedures, she reached out to Dr. Bruno to complete her whole body transformation with a Brazilian Butt Lift. Andrea felt that her body was out of proportion, and after seeing so many people with a round behind, she decided it was time to get the Brazilian Butt Lift. Andrea researched many surgeons to help her achieve her goal of having a more shapely figure.

Andrea says, “I wanted to go to a doctor who had done all kinds of things, who does the complete body, but also specialized in the Brazilian Butt Lift.” She found her surgeon in Dr. Bruno, who specializes in the Brazilian Butt Lift. After her initial consultation, she knew that Dr. Bruno was the surgeon for her.

After her surgery, Andrea’s buttocks were more round and shapely and was exactly what she was looking for. Says Andrea, “I feel just like a brand new woman.”

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Can Doing Squats Give Me the Same Results as a Butt Augmentation?

buttock_augWith celebrities like Kim Kardashian constantly in the pop culture limelight, it’s no surprise that having a full-figured behind has become so highly sought after. But what about those of us who aren’t naturally endowed with a round rear? While it’s true that doing squats and other exercises can increase the size of your buttocks, Beverly Hills butt augmentation patients often find themselves wondering how the results compare to those achieved with surgery.


The Dynamics of Squats and Gluteal Muscles

Done properly, squats, deadlifts, and other exercises can yield an increase in size in your buttocks; however, there are a number of things to consider before swearing off surgery:

  • Form: to see true impact from these exercises, they must be done with proper form. Squats and deadlifts are highly technical Olympic style lifts that require good form to avoid injury and ensure symmetrical muscle growth.
  • Fat Loss and Muscle Gain: doing squats alone is actually more likely to decrease the volume in your buttocks because they are excellent for burning fat. To see an increase in size, you must lift enough weight while squatting to promote muscle growth and take in an excess of good calories to provide your body with fuel to add mass.
  • Time: A proper recovery period after an intense workout is generally considered to be about 48 hours. This rest allows your muscles to rebuild and grow, but it can take months of consistent workouts to see a noticeable increase in volume.


Beverly Hills Butt Augmentation: The Facts

The beauty of a butt augmentation done by Dr. Bruno is he uses your own body’s fat stores to enhance what you already have. With squats, because most people tend to favor one side over the other, it’s normal to experience muscle growth that is somewhat asymmetrical. With a butt augmentation, because fat is injected in precise amounts, you will see equally symmetrical results.

Though some may be averse to surgery, when you compare the two-week recovery of a butt augmentation with the months of grueling workouts and soreness associated with the alternative, for many, the choice becomes clear.

Are you ready to take the first step toward the full figure you’ve always wanted? Beverly Hills butt augmentation expert Dr. Bruno is here to help. Call 310.461.3855 and schedule your free consultation today.

What Are The Signs Of A Ruptured Silicone Breast Implant?

A ruptured silicone breast implant is difficult to diagnose. It typically is not something you or your surgeon can feel on physical exam. The implants also generally look the same size as well.  The only accurate way to diagnose a ruptured silicone implant is by way of an MRI.  Regular mammograms and ultrasounds are not sensitive enough to detect a ruptured silicone breast implant. If you have any symptoms such as pain/burning sensation and you have MRI evidence of a ruptured breast implant, than you should have the implant replaced.  It is very unlikely for a cohesive silicone breast implant to rupture, but if you feel or see anything unusual with your implants, consult a board certified plastic surgeon for a thorough evaluation.

What is Breast Implant Revision Surgery?


Some patients in Beverly Hills who undergo breast augmentation surgery may need a revision in the future. The most common reason for a revision or a second breast surgery is to change the size of the breast implant-usually to go larger. Other than size changes, some patients my develop capsular contracture (hard scar tissue) which is another common reason to have a revision. Revisions can often be performed through the same incision that was used to place the implant, however, sometimes you may require additional incisions. About 20% of all patients who undergo breast augmentation surgery will require a second surgery within the first decade.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

Most patients in Los Angeles will take one to two weeks off from work to recover from a Brazilian buttock lift surgery.  This procedure involves liposuction of several areas followed by re-injection of the fat into the gluteal/buttock region. About one-third of the fat will not survive the transfer- it shrinks and dies. However, the other two-thirds of the fat that survives is permanent. It’s important in the early recovery period to avoid direct pressure on the buttock as this can affect the survival of the fat cells. Most patients will sleep on their stomach and sit with the assistance of pillows/cushions during the first few weeks after surgery. Patients are instructed to wear a compression garment for about one month after a Brazilian buttock lift procedure as this helps control the swelling and the contour. I like to see patients the day after surgery and one week later to be sure the garments are fitting properly. After about three months, the fat is fairly stable and you will have a fairly good idea of what your final outcome will look like.

What Is Tissue Expansion?

Patients who have had a mastectomy for breast cancer may require tissue expansion prior to breast implants. Tissue expansion refers to a process where a plastic device filled with saline is inserted partially under the chest (pectoral) muscle at the time of a mastectomy or breast cancer removal surgery. Then, in the office over a  few months, the device is gradually filled with saline fluid to increase the size of the breast thereby stretching the skin. Once the skin has been stretched to the desired size, at a separate surgery the tissue expander is removed and replaced with a breast implant (either saline or silicone). This is a good way to help restore breast symmetry in women who have had a complete or partial mastectomy due to breast cancer or trauma.

Why I Feel The Brazilian Butt Lift Is Increasing In Popularity In Los Angeles & Around The Country


The Brazilian buttock lift is increasing in popularity partly due to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Nikki Minaj who have accentuated this body part. Traditionally, women had tried to decrease the size of their buttocks, but now having a fuller buttock and overall curvier look seems to be more attractive. The days of the stick figure models being the American female ideal seem to be a thing of the past.


Most patients that I see want a better shape to their buttock and lower body. The Brazilian buttock lift (fat transfer to the buttocks) can accomplish this be improving the waist-to-hip ratio. There also are some cultural preferences in buttock size and shape. In the Los Angeles area I see many Latina patients who desire a larger, rounder buttocks.

If I get breast implants, will I lose any feeling in my nipples or breasts?

The risk of decreased nipple sensation with breast augmentation surgery is roughly 10%. This is unrelated to the incision chosen to insert the implant and more related to the creation of the pocket for the implant. Most patients have some temporary numbness which improves in a few weeks, however, there are some patients who may experience permanent loss of nipple sensation. Usually during the procedure, the nerves are not seen, and therefore not injured. But a certain percent of the population will have an unusual location of the sensory nerve, which places it in danger during the surgery.

Unfortunately, there is no way to correct decreased nipple sensation.

What is the difference between liposuction and abdominoplasty?

Liposuction is a procedure which removes excess fat through small metal cannulas inserted into the skin. A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a procedure that involves a surgical incision across the lower abdomen to remove excess skin and fat. A good candidate for liposuction is someone who is relatively young (<40) with good skin tone and no stretch marks. A good candidate for a tummy tuck is someone with loose skin, stretch marks and a weakened abdominal wall- such as women after multiple pregnancies. Often times some liposuction of the love handle area is combined with a tummy tuck to enhance a patient’s overall contour.

With Regards to Breast implants, is it better to go under the pectoral muscle or over the pectoral muscle?

By far the best way to insert a breast implant is under the chest (pectoral) muscle. This technique gives a more natural look and makes it easier to breast feed after surgery if a patient desires to do so. The risk of capsular contracture (scar tissue) is also lower when implants are placed under the muscle compared to over the muscle. The interpretation of mammograms is more difficult when implants are on top of the chest muscle, yet another reason to avoid this location.